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  • 10-18
    Jiangsu province hazardous waste generation unit information disclosure template (2018 second quarter)
  • 10-18
    Jiangsu province hazardous waste generation unit information disclosure template (2018 first quarter)
  • 08-23
    Information disclosure of hazardous waste generation and operation units in Jiangsu
  • 08-22
    Information disclosure template for hazardous waste generation units in Jiangsu
  • 07-11
    Jiangsu province hazardous waste management unit information disclosure template
  • 05-17
    Wood plastic composite materials products 18 questions, collection!
    Wood Plastic composite material at home and abroad also call it: Plastic Wood, environmental Wood, Wood science and technology, renewable Wood, Plastic Wood or poly Wood, its standard English name is: Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites, the industry known as WPC.Is the chip of wood, bamboo, straw, chaff, peanut shell, cotton stalk, such as primary biomass materials as the main raw material, using the polymer interface chemistry principle and the characteristics of plastic filling modification, mixing a certain proportion of the plastic base, after processing by the special craft processing and molding of a reversible recycling, morphological structure, a variety of basic materials. It is to keep the look and feel of real wood floor, and has the good moistureproof and waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, fungus suppression, antistatic, insect-resistant eat by moth, such as performance, and wood plastic products with high fire resistance, no pollution, pollution-free, recyclable.Wood-plastic composite material18 questions and answers about the product1What is wood plastic? For what occasion?Wood - plastic is a kind of building materials which is extruded by plastic and wood fiber. It is the first choice material for outdoor building materials (floor, fence, chair stool or water bank landscape, etc.) due to the two characteristics of water resistance and wood texture.2What colors are available in wood plastic? Do you need any paint?Unlike wood, wood plastic does not need to be painted to have a variety of colors to choose from (sometimes the difference in color affects the price). And because of the special molding process of wood plastic, it does not have the problem of color fading.3Will the wood - plastic fade? yes. Plastic that is exposed to sunlight and humidity will fade slightly in 10 to 12 weeks.4Are wood - plastic more likely to burn than wood?Wood - plastic profiles are C - grade building materials, burning conditions are similar to wood. Through the combustion characteristic experiment, wood plastic is not easier to burn than wood. The burning temperature of wood plastic needs to reach 86 degrees.5Do you need quarantine at the exit? Do you need fumigation? Need special proof?No, different from natural wood, because of the special process and formula of wood plastic, the export is a fumigation product without any special supporting documents.6Is wood plastic made from recycled materials? yes. Wood plastic is made from natural plant fibers such as recycled plastic and waste wood chips or rice bran.7What is the difference between wood plastic and plastic wood?Unlike plastic wood (which is made from 100 percent plastic), wood plastic is made from plastic and wood chips that are approximately 1 to 1. Because of the composition of natural fiber, wood plastic has better anti-uv performance and lower thermal expansion and shrinkage performance, and is as easy to process as wood.8How about the service life of wood plastic profiles?According to the foreign information, the life of wood plastic under normal conditions can be up to 25 years.9How long is the life span of wood plastic in the open air?Wood plastic is widely used in outdoor, and most used to crowded public place, time to accept the test of stream of people and the environment, in this kind of high density, the service life of wood plastic can reach 5 years, when used in a private place or less traffic areas, life can be up to 10 years of wood plastic.10Is wood plastic a kind of environmental protection material? How to deal with waste wood plastic profiles? Will the waste wood plastics cause pollution to the environment?Wood plastic environmental protection significance is multiple, on the one hand, consumes the environmental pollution caused by waste plastic and wood powder, on the other hand because can effectively replace the use of wood in the outdoor, thus greatly save precious natural resources. Since it does not contain any toxic ingredients, it can be treated in the same way as other ordinary construction waste without causing any pollution to the environment. It can be recycled.11What is the weight of wood plastic compared with general wood?Compared with the general wood, wood plastic is much bigger than important, usually at more than 1.1, and the proportion of general timber is 0.4~0.7, even if it is a heavy hardwood, the proportion is only around 1.0. So it's much heavier with the same volume.。  12How to process wood plastic, do you need special tools?Wood plastic is as simple as wood in processing, and in some ways easier. Only use ordinary wood processing tools can be used for cutting, drilling and other processing.13What type of screw is suitable for wood - plastic profiles?It is recommended to use high quality screws such as stainless steel and hot galvanizing, especially with threaded screws, which can help increase the grip of screws.14Can wood - plastic profiles be used for structural parts?Can't. Ordinary wood plastic profiles have high strength and toughness, but they do not have the same rigidity as wood, so they cannot be used as structural parts. However, modified glass fiber reinforced wood plastic has high rigidity and can be used for structural parts.15Is the water absorption rate of wood plastic high?The water absorption rate is very low because of a layer of plastic surrounding natural fibers such as wood fiber. Suitable for the waterfront landscape.16Will the cold weather have an effect on wood plastic?Wood plastic even under cold weather still perform well, however, because the composition of wood plastic plastic accounted for more than 50%, so in the extremely cold weather become hard and difficult to punch, this case we recommend drilling in advance.
  • 05-15
    Our company has opened alibaba platform, welcome your patronage!
    Notice on the company's opening of alibaba platform:In order to better display the company's products and build up the company's brand, alibaba has opened the platform.I. company alibaba platform address.http://czhd3r.1688.comIi. Main content section.Iii. Distribution mode.The company's alibaba platform is responsible for the release and maintenance of product information by the enterprise sales department, and the customer can contact the Marketing Department directly if there is any requirement.Contact information:The 151-9051-2788 151-9051-2788The 180-1504-1616 180-1504-1616The 133-8282-2417 0519-83821069Iv. Entry mode.There are two ways to pay attention and place orders:1. Go directly to http://czhd3r.1688.com.2. Find the supplier of changzhou houde renewable resources technology co., LTD.
  • 04-17
    Houde is invited to participate in the international environmental protection exhibition in macau, promoting the development of circular technology.
    "Macao international environmental protection cooperation development BBS and exhibition" was held in macau on April 14, April 14. The theme of miecf is "building an eco-city to share the green economy". The exhibition covers 18 countries and regions, more than 490 exhibitors, the exhibition shows the effect of energy, renewable energy, green building, green transportation, solid waste, water management plan and other related aspects of the new environmental protection technology, to discuss the forefront of international environmental issues, to promote global environmental protection technology development.The director of the liaison office of the central people's government in the Macao special administrative region, director xu jun and director of the ministry of industry and information technology, gao yunhu, visited the exhibition area for guidance.Changzhou's environmental protection products - lipoplastic became one of the highlights of this conference, attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen to stop and communicate, several companies expressed the purchase intention on the spot.2018MIECF is an important window for enterprises to expand their business and integrate with international environmental protection. Through this exhibition, changzhou houde accelerates its brand building process, rationally meets the market demand, and strives to create more high-quality goods for domestic and foreign merchants.
  • 07-21
    The symposium was successfully held in Beijing
    To seek a more scientific reasonable tree powder waste resource utilization pattern and proceed with the industry standards, promote tree powder waste recycling enterprises gradually to green business model development, on the afternoon of July 19, 2017 in electronic equipment and technology of China development association was held under the organization of "tree powder waste resource utilization pattern and industry standard formulation work conference, the participants include: Of environmental protection and solid waste pipe center director Zheng Yang, changzhou yue-ping hu, director of the center for supervision and management of solid waste, China building material group ZhiXiao, a researcher at the Chinese central astri Guo Yuwen, deputy director of the China quality certification center LuoMingFei yu-feng wu, tianjin polytechnic university, Beijing university of technology, professor, professor Hu Biao, Beijing ecological design and green manufacturing association secretary-general ChiXiaoGuang, changzhou thick Wang Huaidong, general manager of the renewable resources of science and technology company, Beijing university of technology professor Pan Dean researcher li, Beijing university of technology, etc. The meeting was chaired by the secretary-general of the Chinese electronic equipment technology development association tang aijun.Conference, yu-feng wu and professor Wang Huaidong respectively on tree waste powder, general manager of resource utilization industry background, the industrial structure, development trend and standard requirements made a detailed introduction to the experts. The leaders and industry experts to tree powder waste harmless treatment and resource utilization way and orientation to give the full affirmation, and the tree waste powder and its products standardization work put forward the advice and guidance, to determine the content and direction of editing work.HOUDE with Beijing industrial university and other colleges and universities to carry out the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, constantly enhance the level of enterprise research and development ability and manufacturing process, always adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, waste to treasure, green association into, the environmental protection of common benefit" of the enterprise core values, adhering to the "limited resources, infinite loop" business philosophy, the "leading science and technology, environmental protection priority" development strategy, to speed up the pace of technological innovation. Through the preparation of this standard, we hope to put forward constructive Suggestions for the utilization direction of organic resin waste in China.HOUDE is located in the national high-tech park of changzhou city, jiangsu province, and is a high-tech enterprise with the resource utilization of organic resin. The company's products are lipid-plastic landscape products, which have been recognized as high-tech products. At present, the product has been put into 5A scenic spot changzhou spring and autumn yancheng, and has established cooperative relations with many real estate enterprises such as China merchants real estate. One company has won the second prize of science and technology progress prize of jiangsu province, China's nonferrous industry science and technology progress prize award 1 second, has built the new environmental protection building materials engineering center 1, 2 key laboratory of new environmental protection building materials.
  • 06-07
    HOUDE lipoxywood was unveiled at the 2017 international conference on environmental protection technology
    June 5 is world environment day, and the 2017 international conference on environmental protection, jointly hosted by the government of jiangsu province and the ministry of environmental protection, will open at the nanjing international expo conference center. Li qiang, chairman of jiangsu provincial party committee and chairman of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress, the party secretary of the ministry of environmental protection, li gan, opened the opening ceremony and jointly launched the online relay of "lighting the green China and the people together". Deputy secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee, jiangsu governor wu zhenglong and li ganjie delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.Entrusted by the secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee li qiang, wu zhenglong on behalf of the jiangsu provincial party committee and the provincial government welcomed the Chinese and foreign guests. He said that we will actively implement the new development concept, actively promote the application of new environmental technologies, actively promote international cooperation in environmental protection, and work together to create a better future for green development.Speaking on behalf of the ministry of environmental protection, li said the green mountains are both natural wealth and social wealth and economic wealth. To promote green development and lifestyle, everyone should be a practitioner and facilitator.   The chairman of the company, wang huaidong, introduced lipo-plastic products to secretary li qiang (left, left) and secretary li ganjie (right, left).The chairman of wang huaitong introduced the lipoplastic products to the director of Chen mengmeng. The director of the department acknowledged and invited the company to guide the company.Changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD., relying on solid scientific research strength and exquisite technology, research and development production of high-performance products - fat plastic wood of renewable resources become a highlight of this congress, attracted a lot of guests and consultation discussion. Our company and a number of manufacturers have reached cooperation intention on the site transformation, municipal engineering, park construction and other projects.The company introduces the company's products to the guests and scholarsThis conference on "new technology promote the development of green environmental protection" as the theme, has attracted nearly 700 guests from all over the world and nearly 300 research institutions, equipment manufacturers, technology service provider. Through this exhibition, changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD., showed the social good corporate image, to make thick DE card fat plastic wood brand image more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The company stable and excellent product quality, energy conservation and environmental protection enterprise connotation and is responsible for the professional service policy, won the overwhelming majority of experts to learn, environmental protection enterprise and the audience's consistent high praise.
  • 04-05
    Changzhou thick Germany renewable resources exhibition 2017 Macao international environmental cooperation development BBS and exhibition --
           On March 30, 2017 - April 1, 2017, sponsored by the government of the Macao special administrative region, the Macao trade and investment promotion bureau and macau environmental protection agency (epa) to undertake the 2017 Macao international environmental cooperation development of BBS and exhibition (miecf) 2017 in Macao Venetian hotel grand meeting.        Macao international environmental cooperation development BBS and exhibition (MIECF) is sponsored by the government of the Macao special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, the strategic positioning is to promote environmental protection between the pan-pearl river delta area with the international market business, technology and information communication. The event has grown in size since it was held in 2008. MIECF is welcomed and confirmed by the industry and has become the global exhibition industry association (UFI) certification fair since 2011.     For many years, MIECF has been appointed as a special support unit by the national development and reform commission of the People's Republic of China, the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China and the ministry of environmental protection of the People's Republic of China. In 2017, the ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China will be more invited as the special support unit of MIECF.Adhering to the excellent environmental protection concept of "limited resources" and "infinite circulation", changzhou huande renewable resources technology co., ltd. is recommended by changzhou environmental protection bureau.       Changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD. Booth located in the golden light exhibition hall, booth number for N56, in front of the booth has a lot of publicity materials, introduces the our company from research and development, production, delivery and after-sales service, such as process and changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD., Beijing university of technology achievements of "industry-university-institute" cooperation, our company integrating product quality and environmental services, adhering to the "limited resources", "infinite loop," environmental protection concept. The exhibition stands on display of our patented products - lipo-plastic wood, with the aim of environmental protection, safety and regeneration, and is committed to building a leading brand enterprise in China's lipo-plastic wood.        Changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD., with superb technical level of the regeneration, the research and development production of high-performance products - fat plastic wood of renewable resources become a highlight of this congress, attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to stop watching and advisory negotiations. There are a lot of buyers who have brought the green projects such as farm, park, municipal planning, garden landscape and so on.       During the exhibition, I visited changzhou houde renewable resources science and technology co., LTD., and conducted on-site guidance for the leader of the Macao special administrative region, chui sai on. Leung wai-wai, director of economic and financial affairs of the Macao special administrative region; Minister of environmental protection Chen jining, special representative of the ministry of environmental protection, and the commissioner for environmental protection, Mr. Xu bing jiu; Director of the national development and reform commission, director of the department; Mr. Gao tianyou, assistant director of the macau tourism bureau; Director hu yuping, director of the solid waste center of changzhou environmental protection bureau; Zhou liwan, director of the promotion center of changzhou environmental protection bureau; Professor li jinhui of tsinghua university; Professor wang zhishi, director of the Macao environment institute of macau university of science and technology; Mr. Yue zhou, President of guangdong environmental protection industry association; Deputy secretary-general of guangdong environmental protection industry association; Mr. Huang fu ping, vice President and secretary general of guangxi environmental protection industry association; Mr. Liu guoping, executive vice President and secretary-general of fujian environmental protection industry association; Mr. Li yongqing, President of yunnan environmental protection industry association; Mr. Xie tian, President of sichuan environmental protection industry association; Director of jiangxi provincial environmental protection industry association; Mr. Chai tian, secretary-general of the environmental protection industry association of hunan province; Mr. Yang qiansheng, secretary-general of the environmental protection industry association of guizhou province; Mr. Zhou zhiping, deputy chairman of the Hong Kong environmental protection industry association; The macau environmental protection industry association director Mr Li Juan become warped, etc., to visit changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD., general manager of the booth of people from all walks of life by Wang Huaidong warm reception, for the purpose of this company's patented technology, scientific research, etc., Wang Huaidong general manager to make detailed answers.In addition, changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD. General manager - Wang Huaidong organizers invited, in "waste management" seminar on "the waste circuit board resin powder disposal and recycling use" detailed technical, by including the environmental protection bureau, the Macao trade and investment promotion bureau, the conference organizers, experts and scholars and merchants at home and abroad and the ordinary people of macau's thumb up.        This exhibition has more than 1000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries from home and abroad with over 20,000 new product displays. Believe that through this exhibition this big stage, changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD., the spread of the image will be more widely, changzhou thick DE renewable resources, science and technology co., LTD., the brand effect will be more thorough popular feeling, renewable resources of science and technology co., LTD., changzhou thick Germany will leave better reputation for customer service policy, and will win the praises of environmental regeneration product market and the customers trust.       Changzhou houde renewable resources technology co., LTD. Has achieved long-term development in lipo-plastic wood industry in recent years, with outstanding achievements, with a certain brand accumulation and steady development. With the excellent environmental protection concept, we have already occupied a very important position in the field of lipid plastic wood. Still, we know that there is a long way to go. We will continue to work hard to accelerate the brand building process of the thick German renewable resources, rationally face the market demand, and build more high-quality goods to serve the domestic and foreign merchants.
  • 03-18
    Li qiang, secretary of the jiangsu provincial party committee, studied in changzhou, emphasizing the protection of the ecological environment
    On March 17, 2017, jiangsu provincial party committee secretary li qiang in the standing committee of the provincial party committee and the secretary-general FanJinLong, vice governor Ma Qiulin and changzhou municipal party committee secretary of the cost is high, the mayor ding chun, changzhou economic and social development situation, examines the 5 a level scenic spot - the spring and autumn yancheng, hope changzhou historical culture into full play the advantages, outstanding livable appropriate industry, protect the ecological environment, reveal the place characteristic, shaping the city brand.       The tourist area of yancheng in spring and autumn of China was rated as a national 5A tourist attraction in 2017, and the tourist area has been open to the outside world and has received over 20 million tourists from home and abroad. According to the 2016 China quality certification center, the brand value of "changzhou wujin spring and autumn yancheng" is estimated at rmb2.085 billion.It is reported that the dustbin, landscape chair and plank board of yancheng in spring and autumn are produced by changzhou houde renewable resources technology co., LTD.Related sample displayThe plank road plateLandscape chairThe trash         HOUDE is a high-tech enterprise with high value cleaning and utilization of organic resin waste products with independent intellectual property rights. Have obtained the "hazardous waste management license" and other qualifications. The company's products are lipid-plastic landscape products (trash cans, landscape chairs, plank boards, etc.), which have been recognized as high-tech products.
  • 12-08
    Case | national 5A scenic spot in the spring and autumn yancheng rubbish bin + leisure chair project
    The spring and autumn yancheng China tourist area (also called yancheng, yancheng in spring and autumn) is located in changzhou wujin district of downtown, 2010 earned a national 4 a level scenic spots, 2015 through the national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot resources and landscape quality evaluation. Yancheng tourist area planning a total area of 7.6 square kilometers, is divided into five, namely, the spring and autumn period and the sites of yancheng, yancheng in spring and autumn park, yancheng, yancheng wild animal world traditional commercial neighborhood and yancheng Po lam temple.China in the spring and autumn yancheng tourist area by recreating the humanities scene, a comprehensive interpretation in the spring and autumn period splendid history and culture, tries to build up the spring and autumn period and the Chinese culture brand, form combines tourism, leisure, entertainment, popular science, shopping, dining, which integrates tourism complex. "Ming and qing dynasties see Beijing, sui and tang see xi 'an, spring and autumn to see yancheng." Spring and autumn yancheng tourist area, just like a bright pearl in the Yangtze river delta region shining bright.National 5 a scenic spot in the spring and autumn yancheng in the tender purchase a trash can and recreational chair, the required material must be fat plastic profiles, because fat not only recycled plastic profile, but also has the following advantages no other profile.1. The lipid plastic material has all the characteristics of "waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-flammable, moth-proof, anti-theft, anti-crack" and so on. The effect is far beyond the wood and plastic materials.2. The lipid plastic material can be recycled 100%, which is not possible with any other wood or plastic materials.3. The non-toxic, harmless and volatile materials of lipoplastic materials meet the national targets in the safe range.4. To lipid plastic products "easy to install, easy to process, easy to maintain, easy to transport, easy to form".5. The lipid plastic material also has the performance of painless maintenance, and the required color and color can be produced according to the demand.6. Lipid-plastic material is cheaper than wood plastic price, and the main cost reduction is the use of our circuit board powder.
  • 12-07
    The biggest bright spot for manufacturing will be the sharing of economic models?
    Driven by a variety of factors, such as capital, the sharing economy continues to expand. The sharing economy is more focused on mass consumption and services, but the biggest bright spot in the future is likely to be in production.A new type of "production factor sharing model" is emerging. Through the Internet platform, share factory production line idle idle scientific instruments sharing schedule, scientific research institutions, and extends to the scientific research and experimental services, in order to realize the enterprise resources efficient use.The platform accurately matches the supply and demand.The current domestic part of large and medium-sized cities have B2B, C2B model network sharing platform, through the integration of different enterprises including materials, equipment, personnel, new information infrastructure, the idle production capacity, implement product supply and demand and efficient docking.Production equipment sharing. Alibaba "factory" is a link of taobao sellers and production factory platform, taobao sellers of its operation mode is to find the factory, will be released production requirements such as order number, time limit for a project in "tao factory" network platform, the supplier factories can also have the ability to meet its single type of product, surplus production release in the platform, the supply and demand both sides two-way choice partner.Scientific research personnel, experimental service sharing. In the field of scientific research, the platform for sharing scientific instruments is also on the rise. "Yi science" is a scientific research instrument sharing and experimental trading Internet platform, and the supply and demand of scientific research instruments. In addition to sharing scientific equipment and equipment, "easy science" is also exploring the online trading platform of r&d talents and experimental services.Data sharing. With the use of cloud computing and big data resources to connect with manufacturing plants, the project of allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to enjoy the same innovative resources as large enterprises is also emerging. In 2015, aliyun teamed up with foxconn to create a project called "tao fu come true". According to the introduction, foxconn is pushing nine business units and eight intelligent building platforms, providing the entrepreneurs with full chain services such as intellectual property, industrial design and production and manufacturing.The benefits of factor sharing are becoming more and more obvious.The production capacity sharing in our country is in the embryonic stage of the market, but the economic and social benefits are highlighted. Besides the sharing of production factors such as equipment and personnel, the sharing of new information infrastructure capabilities, such as cloud computing and big data, will also help more smes innovate and start their own businesses.Factory productivity increases. Guangdong is a major province of garment production and export. In January 2015, guangdong had more than 4,000 Amoy factories on alibaba. Some enterprises have more than 70 machines in 2 production lines, relying on traditional customer resources, the utilization rate of the production line is only about 50% to 60%. And the production cycle is not stable, in June, July and August, the clothing industry sales in the low season, the enterprise production line is almost stopped. But now, through the platform of Amoy factory, the idle schedule of the production line is released early on the network platform, and the customer resources are spread all over the world, so that the production can be produced "in the off-season".Second, to connect the "cloud computing + manufacturing factory", let small and medium-sized enterprises share the innovation resources of large enterprises. Hu xiaoming, vice President of alibaba group, said cloud computing is the technology of the big data era, which releases economic dividends under the scale effect and minimizes the cost of innovation. Previously, companies may need to borrow to buy servers,
  • 12-05
    Xi jinping made important instructions on the construction of ecological civilization.
    中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平近日对生态文明建设作出重要指示强调,生态文明建设是“五位一体”总体布局和“四个全面”战略布局的重要内容。各地区各部门要切实贯彻新发展理念,树立“绿水青山就是金山银山”的强烈意识,努力走向社会主义生态文明新时代。Xi stressed that to deepen the reform of the ecological civilization system, the "four pillars" of ecological civilization should be established as soon as possible, and the construction of ecological civilization should be institutionalized and legalized. We need to promote supply-side structural reform, accelerate the development of green, circular and low-carbon development, and form a productive and living way of saving resources and protecting the environment. We should intensify the efforts of environmental supervision, investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations, and focus on solving outstanding problems in the ecological environment, so that the people can continuously feel the improvement of the ecological environment. Party committees and governments at all levels and the relevant aspects to the construction of ecological civilization as an important task, solid work, joint effort, and persistence, our actual effect, to the central committee on policy decisions into effect for the construction of ecological civilization, to build the beautiful China, make greater contributions to maintain the global ecological security.Political bureau of the CPC central committee and state council premier li keqiang made instructions, points out that construction of ecological civilization is a matter of global social and economic development and people's vital interests, is to realize the sustainable development important foundation. In recent years, various departments in various regions have taken effective measures in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the party central committee and the state council, and have done a lot of work in promoting the improvement of the ecological environment and made positive progress. We hope to firmly establish new development concepts, take supply-side structural reform as the main line, and insist on putting ecological civilization in a more prominent position. We will work hard to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, actively develop new drivers of ecological and environmental friendly development, and resolutely eliminate backward production capacity. Efforts should be made to improve the system of incentive and restraint by deepening reform, and establish a long-term mechanism to protect the ecological environment. Efforts should be made to supervise and accountability in accordance with the law and to severely punish environmental violations. We will work to promote pollution prevention and control, and effectively tackle pollution control in key areas such as the atmosphere, water and soil. We should rely on the joint efforts of the whole society to improve the quality of ecological environment and accelerate the construction of an ecological and civilized modern China.The national ecological civilization construction work promotion conference was held in huzhou city, zhejiang province on February 2. Political bureau of the CPC central committee and vice premier of the state council zhang gaoli communicate important instructions and li xi at the meeting memorandum spirit and speech, further deployment to promote construction of ecological civilization work throughout the country. He said that under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee with comrade xi jinping as its core, China has made significant progress and positive results in the construction of ecological civilization. However, in general, the level of ecological civilization construction still lags behind economic and social development, and the trend of ecological environment deterioration has not been fundamentally reversed. We need to carry out new development philosophy, adhere to the green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan, put the party central committee and state council on policy decisions into effect for the construction of ecological civilization, create a new era of socialist ecological civilization.Zhang gaoli emphasized that we should strengthen the role of the main body, accelerate the optimization of the land and space development pattern, and vigorously promote green urbanization and the construction of beautiful countryside. We should combine the supply-side structural reform and establish a green circular low-carbon development industry system. We need to strengthen environmental protection and governance, intensify environmental supervision, and focus on addressing the outstanding problems in the ecological environment, so that people can be trusted with tangible results. We should stick to the priority of saving, and work hard to transform the way of resource utilization, and promote the efficient use of resource conservation and recycling. We should accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system and include the construction of ecological civilization into an institutionalized and legalized orbit. The departments of all regions should firmly establish the "four consciousness", forge ahead and work hard to make new contributions to the construction of beautiful China.Zhejiang province, fujian province, jiangxi province, guizhou province, qinghai province and the national development and reform commission and the ministry of environmental protection were responsible for the meeting.The relevant departments of the central and state organs, provinces, cities and cities, and the responsible comrades of the xinjiang production and construction corps will attend the meeting.
  • 12-02
    Policy interpretation of the 13th five-year plan for ecological and environmental protection
    The bureau of policy briefings (kun kun)  On November 15, 2016, the executive meeting of the state council adopted the "13th five-year plan for ecological and environmental protection". On November 18, in 2016 the state council information office held a policy of the state council routine briefing in the morning, vice minister of environmental protection Zhao Yingmin introduction "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" ecological environmental planning and related policies, answering a reporter's question, from the party and the country the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environment protection in the strategic position, the significance of "planning", the main content, basic characteristics, planning and implementation, the implementation of article 10 of "water" the progress of the "ten" atmosphere, the existing main problems and corresponding measures for the policy interpretation.The CPC central committee and the state council have placed ecological civilization in an important strategic position.  Since the 18th national congress of the CPC, the CPC central committee and the state council have placed ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection in a more important strategic position. President xi jinping has repeatedly stressed that green mountain is the golden mountain, protecting the ecological environment like protecting the eyes and treating the ecological environment like life. Premier li keqiang pointed out that it is necessary to step up environmental governance and resolve to get out of an economic development and environmental improvement. "Planning" is the basic basis for the "13th five-year plan" to plan and deploy the national ecological environment protection.Our country introduced the overall scheme of reform of ecological civilization system, implement the action plan for the control of air, water, soil pollution, new "environmental protection" in carrying out activities, with a stiff measures to cope with the challenge of hard and with a true as a change, environmental regulation, unprecedented process accelerates, positive progress was made on the environment quality improvement. In 2015, the first to carry out the monitoring of the 74 cities, is the first implementation of the new environmental air quality standards in 74 cities, the annual concentration of fine particulate matter was 23.6% lower than in 2013, SuanYu District proportion of the total land area by history peak of 30% to 7.6%, the national surface water by the section Ⅰ to Ⅲ class increased to 66%, the proportion of the worse Ⅴ the proportion fell to 9.7%. But it should be noted that China's environmental situation is still grim, environmental pollution, poor quality of environment, ecological damage, environmental risk is high, the ecological environment has a big gap compared with the people's keenly awaited, has become the outstanding short board to build a well-off society in an all-round way.  The main content of the plan is divided into three parts.The first part is the national ecological environment protection situation and the guiding ideology, basic principles and main objectives of the work of the 13th five-year plan.The second part mainly elaborates the main content of the plan, which is divided into seven aspects. It is to strengthen the source prevention and control, consolidate the green development foundation; We will deepen quality management and implement three major action plans. We will carry out special governance to comprehensively promote the emission of standard and pollution reduction. Implement the whole process control, effectively prevent and reduce environmental risks; Strengthen protection and strengthen ecological restoration; We will accelerate institutional innovation and actively promote the modernization of governance systems and capabilities. We will implement a number of major projects for environmental protection.The third part is to improve the plan implementation safeguard measure. It includes five aspects, including clear division of responsibilities, increased investment, international cooperation, pilot demonstration and strict assessment. In terms of investment in key projects, we encourage the establishment of a diversified investment pattern, mainly focusing on enterprises and local areas, and the central government should give appropriate support to the principle of division of central and local authority.The overall thinking and goal of the "13th five year" ecological environment protection."Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during the overall mentality and goal of ecological environment protection, in order to improve environmental quality as the core, in order to solve the ecological environment, with emphasis on the outstanding problems, to play up the ecological environment short board to be completed and protracted war, and to ensure that realize the goal of ecological environmental quality will improve overall in 2020, for the masses to provide more high quality ecological products.In accordance with the party central committee and the state council decision deployment and the requirements of the relevant laws and environmental protection under the state council in conjunction with the national development and reform commission, the ministry of education, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of finance, the ministry of land and resources, housing, urban and rural construction ministry, the ministry of transport, ministry of water resources, the ministry of agriculture, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, forestry bureau and other departments, launched the "planning" since 2013, the preparation work, adopt the mode of open weave planning, online public investigation. Through on-the-spot investigation, workshop and solicit opinions in writing form, solicit opinions of the various aspects, including local governments, departments and some of the opinions of the experts and scholars, carried out several rounds of evaluation, finally formed the "planning".The guiding ideology, basic principles and main objectives of the plan.Guiding ideology, fully implement the party's 18 large and 18 sixth plenary session of 3, 4, 5, spirit, with deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the concept of scientific development as guidance, in-depth implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of the series of important speech spirit and the new concept of governing principle politics new thinking strategy, plan as a whole to promote "five one" the overall layout and coordination to promote "comprehensive" four strategic layout, firmly set up and implement the innovation, the coordination, the development of the green, open, sharing ideas, in accordance with the party central committee and the state council decision deployment, in order to improve the environmental quality as the core, to implement the most stringent environmental protection system, Play three big battle for the control of air, water, soil pollution, strengthen ecological protection and restoration, strict risk prevention and control of ecological environment, accelerate the ecological environment governance system and the modernization of management ability, improve the ecological environment management systematic, scientific, under the rule of law, refinement and informatization level, for the masses to provide more high quality ecological products, in order to realize "two one hundred" goal and make contribution to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  The basic principle of "planning" is "five persistence" : stick to green development and treat both symptoms and root causes; Adhere to the core of quality, system administration; Insist on space control and control; We will adhere to reform and innovation and strengthen the rule of law. We will continue to fulfill our duties and fulfill our duties.The main goal of the plan is to improve the overall ecological environment by 2020. Green, low carbon production and way of life level rise, main pollutant emissions cuts, to effectively control environmental risk, loss of biodiversity is the basic control and ecosystem stability obviously increased, the ecological security barrier basic form, the ecological environment governance system and governance ability major progress was made in modernization, ecological civilization construction level with the goal to build a well-off society in an all-round way."Planning" binding and prospective index is put forward, including 12 items, binding forces are above ground level and urban air quality days, concentration of fine particulate matter falls below ground level and above cities, surface water quality at or better than Ⅲ class proportion of water, surface water quality worse Ⅴ the proportion of water, forest, the forest volume, contaminated land safety utilization, pollution, land utilization, as well as the chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides pollutants emissions. The environmental quality indicators involved are also the binding targets for the first five-year plan. Among the mandatory indicators, the safety utilization rate of contaminated cultivated land and the safe utilization rate of the contaminated land are the requirements of "soil 10", and the remaining 10 are the requirements of the "13th five-year plan" plan.The plan has five basic features.The first is to promote the overall layout and coordination of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, fully embody and materialize the deployment and requirements of the platform. Highlight green development, strengthen ecological space control, and form a green development layout; We will press ahead with structural reform of the supply side and strengthen hard environmental constraints. Highlight green science and technology innovation to lead, promote green and innovation-driven deep integration; We will highlight the implementation of the country's major strategy, strengthen the coordinated protection of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and the Yangtze river economic belt, and further promote the green construction of One Belt And One Road.Second, we will make overall efforts to deploy the "13th five year" ecological environment protection as the core of improving environmental quality. "Planning" outstanding environmental quality improved and quantity reduction, ecological protection, the environmental risk prevention and control work of the system such as linkage, will improve the evaluation standard of environmental quality as the key to management objectives and tasks to carry out the regional, watershed, cities and the control unit, the environment quality improvement QingChanShi management.Third, we will implement the reform of the ecological civilization system and implement the strictest environmental protection system. Environmental responsibilities of local party committees, such as inspection of environmental protection inspectors, resource balance sheet preparation, outgoing audit, damage liability investigation, etc. To carry out the corporate principal responsibility in terms of emission permits, environmental law enforcement and damages; To strengthen market incentive and restraint mechanism and market subject cultivation, such as resource and environmental property right, tax policy guidance, resource and environmental price reform, green finance, etc. We will reform the basic system of environmental governance to accelerate the formation of a governance system of government, enterprises and the public.The fourth is to insist that "the lake is a community of life", strengthening ecological protection and restoration. "Planning" to increase the discussed puts forward key tasks and key projects ecological protection and restoration, protection and restoration of clear environmental and ecological coordination, advancing system important ecosystem protection and restoration, expand the supply of ecological products, improve the ecological system stability and the service function.Fifth, we will strengthen comprehensive governance, and work together to advance industrial standards, curb pollution, reduce pollution and prevent risks. To fully satisfy the plans to cut pollution and communities in stock, in order to promote implementation of pollution reduction, and communities in backbone engineering for tradable permits and implement the responsibilities for pollution abatement, and communities to heavy metal, hazardous waste, chemical, nuclear and radiation and other key industries for the gripper based ability, improve the risk prevention and control system construction process, a multi-level risk prevention system.  The implementation of the plan will focus on five major tasks.One is to promote the plan. To the "planning" general requirements, goals, tasks and policy measures, carry out publicity and interpretation, answering questions, clarify the central decision-making to deploy that speak understand, mobilize social forces to participate in the ecological environmental protection work.Second, clear tasks and division of labor. We divided the key tasks of the plan, defined the responsibilities of the department, decomposed the binding targets, and coordinated the implementation of the plan.Third, we will implement major projects and reform measures. We will set up a project bank, strengthen the project propulsion mechanism, and actively promote the implementation of major reform policies as soon as possible.Fourth, we will vigorously promote social governance. We will improve the social supervision mechanism, open up channels for public supervision, and actively organize the mass participation and supervision of the implementation of the plan.Fifth, carry out appraisal and appraisal. Regular monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the plan. By the end of 2018, the mid-term assessment will be conducted, and the final assessment will be conducted by the end of 2020. The assessment results will be reported to the state council, which will be released to the public and will be included in the comprehensive assessment and evaluation system of leading cadres.Overall environmental air quality improved.Recent weather in Beijing is not very good, heavy pollution is frequent, environmental protection situation is still serious. First of all, we should have firm confidence in dealing with heavy pollution. Since the implementation of air 10 in 2013, overall environmental air quality has improved. As far as the country is concerned, the frequency and peak of heavy pollution are falling. Monitoring data show that the first implementation of the new environmental air quality standards in 74 cities, heavy pollution days ratio accounted for 4.1% in 2015, the figure was 52.3% lower than in 2013, that is to say, the 2015 national heavy pollution days was 52.3% lower than in 2013. In 2015, the beijing-tianjin-hebei region dropped 51.7% from 2013. This number fully demonstrates that the current direction of air pollution control is correct, the measures are powerful and the results are significant. To further strengthen our confidence, we will unswervingly continue to carry out the implementation of all measures of the "air 10", and as long as we persevere, the quality of our environment will improve day by day.In see results at the same time, also should see the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in our country at present is still faced with urgency, long-term and difficulty, need to overall consideration of the current and long-term need to improve the environment quality, both to play tough, but also lay a protracted war. To play at all, is to deal with heavy pollution weather as the priority, especially in the northern winter prevention and control of atmospheric pollution to use the shortest possible time to solve people's "heart and lung of".It will highlight three aspects of the work.One is to reduce the pollution load, vigorously promotes the industrial pollution control, the implementation of winter disease summer treat, but also for peak production, promote clean utilization of coal, speed up eliminating polluting vehicles, a strict environmental law enforcement supervision, reduce the emissions of pollutants. This is the fundamental solution to heavy pollution. Although the occurrence of heavy pollution weather have adverse weather diffusion conditions of objective factors, but the total number of the root cause is still the discharge of pollutants is too big, far more than the environment can be accepted, this will happen.2 it is to improve the heavy pollution weather system, strive to improve prediction ability, and improve the accuracy of air quality forecast, take measures in advance, to further increase the intensity of emergency measures to reduce emissions, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that the measures implemented. In addition, to realize regional emergency linkage, the minimum economic and social costs and the maximization of environmental benefits should be achieved to effectively reduce the impact of heavy pollution on public health.The third is to play a long game. In beijing-tianjin-hebei, for example, in and around beijing-tianjin-hebei coal consumption accounted for about half the country, steel production and coking capacity were also accounted for over 50%, thermal power installed capacity of 35% of the country, so a lot of energy consumption caused by large pollutant total amount in this area. Therefore, we must implement the collaborative development strategy of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, put forward by the central Beijing further organization of core function in the capital, speed up the regional industry and energy structural adjustment, strengthen the management of pollution sources and control, in the whole society to establish green low carbon way of life. Air pollution control is a complex system project and cannot be achieved overnight. Under the joint efforts of all levels of government and enterprises, including the whole society, the heavy pollution will be less.  Accurate diagnosis and management of heavy pollution in different cities.Domestically, the causes of heavy pollution in different cities vary. Generally speaking, China is a coal - based energy structure, but some large cities, motor vehicle pollution accounts for a considerable proportion. Some industrial cities with relatively heavy industries are more likely to be industrial emitters. Therefore, the causes of haze in different places are not exactly the same.In view of this situation, the 13th five-year plan clearly stated that to improve the environmental quality is the core, in fact, it is to be precise. The ministry of environmental protection has also increased its investment in this area. Since 2015, all cities and cities in the country have achieved real-time monitoring of six pollutants in the new environmental air quality standards. The ability of ascension, combined with scientific research strength, the cause of pollution to the local implementation of accurate diagnosis, the resulting precision management, so can achieve accuracy and malicious, with minimal economic cost can be implemented in the biggest environmental benefits.The central environmental protection inspector is a means of implementing "party and government accountability and responsibility."The central government has a series of arrangements for the implementation of the responsibilities of governments at all levels. The first batch of central environmental protection inspectors is giving feedback, which is a very important means to implement the environmental protection "party and government responsibility" and "double responsibility" of party committees at all levels. In addition, there is a comprehensive inspection of environmental protection, as well as a special inspection on heavily polluted weather this winter, to discuss some of the local governments that have failed to fulfill their duties. In short, the implementation of the "atmospheric ten" and the relevant requirements of the central ecological civilization construction should be implemented to realize the improvement of environmental quality.Great progress was made in the implementation of the "water 10" release.The "water 10" was released in 2015, and this year is the first year of implementation and has made great progress. There have been six major developments in the past year:One is according to the requirements of article 10 of "water", the ministry of environmental protection and 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) signed on water pollution prevention and control of the target responsibility, the requests to improve the quality of article 10 of "water" task disassembling in the provinces, also calls for disassembling to various cities and provinces, and eventually to implement the national 1940 control unit, each unit of each environmental quality has specific requirements. At the same time, the ministry of environmental protection has also established a national water pollution prevention and control mechanism, which has promoted the establishment of a joint mechanism for the prevention and control of water pollution in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta.Second, the organization has prepared a plan for the prevention and control of water pollution in key river basins, preventing and controlling water pollution throughout the whole process, promoting the conservation and recycling of water resources, and strengthening ecological protection and restoration.The third is to investigate and assess the environmental protection of more than 900 centralized drinking water sources in cities and above, and guide the development of standardized construction of drinking water sources. This includes the delineation of the drinking water source protection area, and the illegal construction and sewage disposal in the protected areas according to law.Fourthly, according to the requirements of water quality improvement, the targets and requirements for reducing the emission reduction of key water pollutants in the 13th five-year plan and 2016 are decomposed.Five is the implementation of the "water ten" established in 2020 to add to complete the task of comprehensive environmental control in 130000 incorporated villages, the implementation of 2016 central rural funds for energy conservation and emissions reduction, continue to support efforts to develop the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment.Sixth, it issued a series of relevant technical documents to guide the implementation of the "water 10", including the technical guide for the preparation of water quality standards, as well as a series of other technical documents.Just now, 1 - in September this year the country has a monitoring data of 1922 monitoring sections, more than 1351 water quality is Ⅲ class, accounted for 70.3%, year-on-year increase of 4.0%. At the same time should also see, 166 is a worse Ⅴ, accounted for 8.6% of the total, down 1.2% year on year. This year, as the first full year of implementation of the "water 10" implementation, it has made a good start, and the annual goal set by the "water 10" is expected to be completed on the whole.  Main problems and measures of water pollution prevention and control.Water pollution prevention and control, although said that through the efforts of the "twelfth five-year", continue to improve water environment quality, but compared with the people's growing demand for environmental, there is still a big gap. Water pollution prevention and control work is not balanced, the phenomenon of river basin ecological damage is also common, non-point source pollution, it should be said now has not been effectively, part of the tributaries of the severe pollution of lake eutrophication problem is outstanding, the water environment carrying capacity has reached or close to the ceiling, many rivers flowing through the town, "black smelly" problem is outstanding, the masses feel strongly about.The national water environment presents three characteristics: first, the surface water quality is generally stable, but some water pollution problems are prominent. Second, the situation of good water protection is grim. The third is the differentiation of major pollution factors. In the past, there has been a decline in COD in the "12th five year" binding target, but nitrogen and phosphorus are at the same time. Since chemical oxygen demand has decreased a lot, the pollutants that are in the second and third place gradually become the prominent pollution problems in some waters. This is the current national water environment presents three characteristics.The 13th five-year plan clearly sets out the goals for 2020 and the overall thinking. The next step will be to adhere to the improvement of water environment quality as the core, to implement the "water 10" as the grasp, earnestly implement the "13th five-year plan" clear tasks. The first is to stick to the problem orientation and solve the problem of water pollution, which is the most concerned and reflected by the people. "1+2" work focus. "1" is for the safety of drinking water. "2" from the good water and bad water grab at both ends, the so-called good water is not polluted Ⅲ class above water now, also want to strengthen protection; Poor water is known as "black smelly" water, water, worse Ⅴ will take governance. The second is to do a good source of prevention, strictly observe the total space access red line. Third, highlight key areas and strengthen governance measures. Fourth, innovate management mode and improve water environment quality management ability. Fifth, we will strictly implement local and corporate responsibilities.Environmental protection department is confident that under the joint efforts of the whole society, our country's water environment quality will be better and better, have the confidence to accomplish the article 10 of "water" and the "planning" clear water environmental management and improve the task.The plan will combine water resources, water environment and water ecology.From the national water environment quality change trend to see, is improving year by year. It should be said that there is a lot of concrete pollution control work behind the improvement of environmental quality. In the past five years, the chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonia nitrogen emissions fell by 12.9% and 12.9%, the new towns, the daily sewage treatment capacity of 57 million tons, now of the urban sewage treatment capacity of 182 million tons, has become one of the largest country in the sewage treatment capacity all over the world. There is still a lot of work to be done, and it should be said that these concrete work supports the overall quality of water environment in China, although the situation is still serious. The inspector found that there were indeed some areas where there was a deterioration of the water quality, and the overall improvement of the whole country was not inconsistent with the local deterioration.The "planning" is very clear, water to emphasize environmental protection of water resources, water environment and water ecology, 3 person treats to comprehensive consideration, comprehensive, the implementation of the "ShanShuiLinTian lake is a community of life". In fact, water pollution control is on the water, but many problems still come from onshore, so the water and land must be integrated into a whole system. Environmental management is going according to the objective rule of river basin management, detailed management, so as to implement the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning requirements, to achieve water resources, water environment and water ecology protection.The quality of atmospheric environment has achieved positive results.In the three years since the implementation of the "air 10", under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee and the state council, all regions and departments have made concerted efforts and should say that they have achieved positive results. From the data change of environmental quality:First, the concentration of particulate matter in the country has decreased significantly. In 2015, the concentration of PM10 in the 338 prefecture-level cities nationwide decreased by 9.3% compared with 2013. The average concentration of PM2.5 in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta decreased by 27.4%, 20.9% and 27.7% in 2015 compared with 2013. In the first 10 months of this year, the concentration of PM10 in 338 cities and above was down 9.4% from the same period last year. The average concentration of PM2.5 in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta decreased by 14.5%, 14% and 14.7% over the same period last year. Last year, PM2.5 in the pearl river delta reached the standard. The first of the three key regions was the first to realize the annual mean of PM2.5 below 35, which set up confidence for the governance work.Second, the number of good days has increased significantly. In the first 10 months of this year, 81.4 percent of the 338 prefecture-level and above cities had excellent days, up 3.6 percentage points from the same period last year.Third, the number of heavy pollution days decreased significantly. So far this year, the number of heavy pollution days is still decreasing compared with the same period last year.  Three years of breakthroughs have been made in the implementation of the "air 10".From the work of air pollution control, through the three years' implementation of "atmospheric ten", breakthrough progress has been made in some difficult issues and long-term work.First, we will actively reduce the production capacity of steel and coal. The total amount of coal consumption in key areas has been negative for years since 2013.Second, air pollution control in key industries has achieved remarkable results. The total installed capacity of desulfurization and denitrification units in China has been increased to 99% and 96%, and the transformation of coal power ultra-low emission is about 290 million kilowatts, accounting for 32% of the total coal power installed in China. Power plant coal consumption is approaching or reaching the world advanced level.Third, the prevention and control of vehicle pollution has been gradually strengthened. Over the past three years, we have eliminated more than 15 million yellow standard cars and old cars, and fully supplied China's four-car gasoline and diesel fuel, and the 11 provinces and cities in the east have five vehicles with gas diesel.Fourth, regional cooperation mechanisms have been gradually improved. Beijing-tianjin-hebei, and the surrounding region, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta regional collaboration further for the control of air pollution, the successful completion of a number of major events air quality assurance task, governments at all levels in the area of joint response to heavy pollution weather mechanism is gradually mature.Fifth, various supporting policies and measures are being improved. All of the 22 policy measures and 25 key industry emission standards set out in the "atmospheric 10" are enacted and implemented.Sixth, the regulatory capacity of environmental monitoring is growing. More than 338 local and national city had all the six indicators such as PM2.5 monitoring ability, establish and improve the air quality forecast warning system, in some major cities in the atmospheric particulate matter pollution source analysis, the source emission list compiled pilot work.The environmental situation is grim and arduous.On the whole, through the efforts of the whole society, the progress of the "atmospheric ten" is smooth. It is expected to achieve the goal of "air 10" in 2017. Although "ten" atmosphere made phased achievements for three years, but China's current stage of economic and social development, industrial structure, energy structure is difficult to a fundamental shift in the short term, so the air pollutants emissions remain high for a long time, the environmental situation is still grim. Now the national atmospheric environment quality has three characteristics:First, the overall air quality in China has been improving, but the pollution level is still at a high level.Second, particulate matter is the main pollution factor, mainly PM2.5 and PM10, but the problem of ozone pollution cannot be ignored.Third, regional imbalance. On the one hand, the pearl river delta region has achieved the standard of PM2.5, but also some cities have not decreased. An important element of environmental inspectors is the explicit requirement for the failure of individual districts to reverse the rise.Our country is in a traditional MeiYanXing pollution and ozone and fine particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, such as pollution of the old and new problems, the production and life, urban and rural, industrial, and transportation environment pollution mixed phase, coupled with some local environmental responsibility is not implemented, the law enforcement regulation is lax, such problems as insufficient environmental capacity at the grass-roots level, so the situation of the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution is still severe, the task is arduous, improve the atmospheric environment quality also need to the whole society common hard and long-term unremitting efforts.